iConStyler — The first theming platform for unjailbroken devices!

Today we will present iConStyler the alternative of Winterboard for unjailbroken devices released by our HackTeam member eleve11 .

We created a web-app where you can install complete themes using special configuration profiles generated specially for your iDevice

The process is very simple go to this link on your iDevice , just choose the theme that you prefer from the available directly from the device, and then install the profile, and you’re done.



In fact, you have a possibility to customize each icon individually on SpringBoard too! You can choose the one you like from a list of icons and add it to your Home Screen.

Thats a first beta-release, so not a lot of icons are available for now, but we will gonna add a lot of them :)

iConStyler only allows the installation of additional icons and it is not replacing native icons, so we will find two copies of the modified icons on the springboard. The only solution at this moment, is to hide unused icons into folder.

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